Social table tennis is a fun way to stay physically fit and mentally active.

The Payneham Table Tennis Academy is open for social table tennis EVERYDAY. Check the Session Times page for a session that suits your schedule, standard and your preference to play either singles or doubles.

Social table tennis is played at various standards. Therefore, you may want to choose the sessions that caters for your enjoyment. Although you are welcome to attend any sessions, you are expected to play within the rules of that particular session.

Tuesday and Friday morning sessions are set aside for beginners and those who wish to enjoy a social day at the basic level.

The Academy has adopted a Social Code for Social Table Tennis that emphasises fun and helping one another.




If you think you might like to play, visit our Clubrooms or telephone during the listed session times.  If you come in, wear casual clothes and sports shoes with non-slip soles.  If you don't have a bat, we can lend you one, initially.